Frutemporiki Katerinis is a company whose activities are trade and distribution of Greek fruit and vegetables all over Greece and Europe.

In 1970 Panagiotis Vasiliadis entered the trade of agricultural products.

Since 1982 the company was expanded by establishing a wholesale fruit and vegetable store in Katerini and afterwards two stores in the central green market in Thessaloniki.

The company has a packing unit for oranges, tangerines and chestnuts.

Frutemporiki Katerinis has 9 refrigerator trucks in order to achieve fast and safe transportation of the products and therefore guarantees excellent quality of storage and delivery to the company’s customers.

The company distributes Greek watermelons, apricots, strawberries, cherries, melons, chestnuts, tangerines, Korinthian raisins, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants all over Greece and Europe.

Frutempiriki provides the highest quality at the lowest price of the market.

The company’s goal is to stand by our customers with fresh Greek products and our first priority is to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Contact person for Thessaloniki branch 

Kostas Karagiannis 

2310766138   mob. 6974555632


Contact person for Katerini branch 

Kiki Vasiliadou 

2351036141  mob. 697455635